TrueConf Online Expands the List of Free Features!

Alina Krukova
September 9, 2013
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

We have revised our service plans and extended their capabilities at the TrueConf Online service. Today, we are pleased to offer you a
number of new features for both free users of the service, and for its subscribed customers.

Taking into account the multiple requests of our customers, we have made all the collaboration tools (whiteboard, file transfer, slide show and
presentations, desktop screen sharing, as well as video conference recording) in the Free service plan completely free of charge! Previously
this was only possible in the paid Lite plan.

TrueConf Online Expands the List of Free Features! 1

Obviously, the previous list of free features did not become shorter; let us remind you of them: 1-on-1 Full HD video call, 3-on-3 multipoint
video conferences, and participation in group conferences of all types, instant messaging and call history.

For those who have already convinced of how convenient it is to work with the TrueConf Online service, the company has prepared a
special surprise! For users of Pro and Corporate plans we added the possibility to create and conduct 9-on-9 symmetrical group video
conferences (formerly limited to 6-on-6), as well as to organize 1-for-10 video broadcasts. Of course, we have upgraded all Lite plan
subscribers to Pro plan for free.

You can connect to a new service plan on the company’s site. All registered users only need to enter their
Personal Area. Have a happy conferencing!

A full list of changes in our service plans is listed below:

Merging of Lite and Free Plans
TrueConf Online now offers the following features that were previously available only in the Lite plan completely free of charge:

  • Slide show and presentations.
  • Desktop screen sharing and remote management.
  • Video conference recording.

Renewed Pro Plan

  • The number of participants in a multipoint video conference increased to 9-on-9.
  • The ability to conduct 1-for-10 video broadcasts is added.

Renewed Corporate Plan

  • The ability to conduct 9-on-9 symmetric group video conferences is also included.
  • The number of Speakers in role-based video conferences was increased to 4 people.

Due to the increasing size of the multi-point video conferences, we have decided to raise the minimum size of a corporate group from 6 to
10 users. All corporate groups of 6 participants will be upgraded to 10 members automatically and free of charge.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!