More Possibilities in TrueConf Online 6.5.4

Alina Krukova
March 30, 2016
Alina Krukova
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We have prepared the updated version of client application TrueConf Online 6.5.4 for users of our cloud service for video communication. We also want to remind that the alternative client TrueConf 7.0 for Windows is available for download and testing.

Remote Controls

The application received several new features such as remote camera and microphone control of conference participants. This functionality is available only for the conference owner and requires the rest of participants to use TrueConf Online 6.5.4.

More Possibilities in TrueConf Online 6.5.4 1

Smart Equipment Selection

TrueConf Online 6.5.4 is able to memorize and switch automatically to the latest equipment you used. It can be a camera, a microphone or a headset. When connecting such a device, the application will set it as a priority and afterwards there is no need to select it manually.

Interaction with Multiple Contacts

We have supported the simultaneous selection of multiple contacts in the application’s Address Book, which allows to conduct actions with a group of users at the same time, e.g. to start a multipoint conference with them.

More Possibilities in TrueConf Online 6.5.4 2

Terminal Mode

The updated version will be useful for those who use TrueConf in conference rooms. You will be able to use the command line parameter /te to start the application. You can put it in the autorun on a conference room PC and in this way the application will start automatically and go to a full screen ‘terminal’ mode after Windows boots.

More Possibilities in TrueConf Online 6.5.4 3

Changes in TrueConf Online 6.5.4 were also aimed to enhance the operation stability. We have fixed some problems related to operation of third party equipment, video recording and collaboration.

What’s New in TrueConf Online 6.5.4:

  • Command line parameter /te was added to start the application in terminal mode.
  • Remote camera and microphone control of group conference participants by conference owner is supported between TrueConf Online 6.5.4 applications.
  • Devices can be chosen automatically during reconnection to PC if this option had been chosen by user.
  • Simultaneous selection and interaction with multiple contacts in the application’s Address Book.
  • System’s audio devices are removed from the list of devices available for selection by default.
  • Sound reproduction with running application is improved when using Logitech B910/C920 cameras.
  • Client app operation during video recording with a help of RTSP camera is fixed.
  • Sending / receiving slides improved when application is working with various types of proxy servers.
  • Fixed problems in UDP Multicast conferences when switching between cameras.

TrueConf team hopes that you will like the update. If you have any questions please contact us by phone: 1-347-878-3263 or via e-mail: