TrueConf Online 6.3.0 with Full HD support has been released

Alina Krukova
April 12, 2013
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf Online 6.3.0 with Full HD support has been released 1

We are very proud to present a new release of our client application, TrueConf Online 6.3.0 for Windows. We have spent a lot of time and effort on this release and we are sure that you will love the results!

The main developments include: new UI, Full HD (1080p) support, free 3-way videoconferencing, and option to switch between capture and playback
devices for audio- and video-streams on-the-fly during a videoconference!

What’s new in TrueConf Online 6.3.0?

  • New UI design:

    • aspect ratio of the main screen of the application is 16:9;
    • all video modes are transferred into 16:9;
    • Windows 8 layout;
  • Full HD video resolution is supported in both directions;
  • New option allows users to switch between audio- and video-devices on-the-fly during conferences;
  • New options to control hardware: keyboard shortcuts for switching on/off audio playback and video/audio output to the conference;
  • Address bar is now equipped with auto-suggestions from Address book;
  • Self-view mirroring is now controlled by user preferences;
  • Maximum value of the speed limit is raised to 4 Mbit/s;
  • The application has been translated to Czech and Spanish.

Improvements in TrueConf Online 6.3.0:

  • New feature allows inviting a few participants to take the Podium without having to wait for their reply;
  • Group videoconferences have improved echo cancellation; processor load level is decreased;
  • Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish translations are renewed.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!