New Release of the Mobile Application

Alina Krukova
May 13, 2013
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

TrueConf Client 6.3.0

Today we are pleased to introduce a new version of the app for video communication for mobile devices on Android. We added a few important features,
such as working with the address book, chat and call history in offline mode, and the ability to call SIP-subscribers when the mobile application is
connected to TrueConf Server.

What Was Improved in TrueConf Mobile 1.1.5:

  • The client application now supports more features in offline mode:
    • Browsing address book.
    • Browsing through the messages in chat history, as well as sending messages, which will be delivered after connecting to the network.
    • Calls history.
  • New supported feature allows calling via SIP gateway, built in TrueConf Server. For example, if it is connected to your corporate PBX, your colleagues will be able to call you on your mobile phone via the mobile application.
  • Sound output now may be switched between variety of devices (e.g. through the phone speakers, Bluetooth headset or cable headset).
  • Notifications of new messages in chat, missed calls and currently being in call.
  • New social networks available for user authentication.

Other changes in TrueConf Mobile 1.1.5:

  • Improved address book:
    • Swiping between tabs in both directions;
    • changes in the interface of the contacts and user name line.
  • Improvements in chat:
    • now displaying all current chats;
    • displaying avatars, user names, last messages in small print and receipt time;
    • Now supporting sorting messages by date received. Unread messages are displayed on top, while read messages do to the bottom;
    • if the user is not in the address book, a pop-up button “Add to Address Book” will appear to the right near the user name.
  • Improved echo cancellation in hands-free mode.
  • New interface of call history.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!