TrueConf for Linux Updated to Version 1.0.6

Alina Krukova
January 15, 2015
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf for Linux 1.0.6

We are proud to introduce the latest version of TrueConf client application for Linux-based operating systems. TrueConf for Linux version 1.0.6 supports the long-requested support for avatars in the Address Book. The product is already downloadable from our website – so let’s download and test it!

New features in TrueConf for Linux 1.0.6:

  • User avatar display in the Address Book of the application.
  • Support for ALT Linux distributive.

Changes in TrueConf for Linux 1.0.6:

  • If the view mode is changed from compact to normal and vice-versa, the text of a message yet to be sent is placed in the text input field.
  • The cursor is now displayed properly in the text input field.
  • Now the application supports all the limitations implied by the video conferencing server administrator in the Groups tab of the Web Manager tool.
  • If the Host’s device is blocked during the conference, the conference continues for all the rest of participants.
  • Improved cooperation with the notification center of the operating system.
  • All the changes in the Address Book are saved if the application restarts.
  • Improved performance stability of the application.

Starting from this version, TrueConf for Linux users will be able to install the application on ALT Linux distributive. We have only begun to support ALT Linux, so we offer you the opportunity to make the solution for this OS better together. We will be glad to get your comments and suggestions via e-mail or on 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263).