TrueConf Kiosk: Main SDK Features in One Application

Alina Krukova
June 22, 2018
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf’s new solution for video kiosks integrates major features of TrueConf SDK in a single application.
TrueConf Kiosk

Previously we released TrueConf SDK, developer tools designed to integrate video into existing offerings or create completely new video conferencing applications solutions, improve interaction with customers and arrange remote counseling and sales.

TrueConf SDK tools are very popular among our customers, and our technologies have become the basis for many interesting projects. For example, multiple banks in the Middle East and South America use TrueConf SDK to organize remote customer service, and Brazil-based Banpará Bank even created fully automated branch.

We’ve identified our customer needs and developed a new solution that integrates all TrueConf SDK features in one easy-to-use application. Meet TrueConf Kiosk 1.0, our state-of-the-art solution that allows you not only add video conferencing functionality to kiosk or information terminals, but also completely brand our solution to suit your needs. Additionally, our new application is very easy to deploy, so you will not need professional integration help.

In the application settings, you can:

  • Set your company’s logo which will be displayed at the top of the video kiosk screen.
  • Set promotional video that will be played on the video kiosk screen in standby mode.
  • Set virtual background. This feature is based on ChromaKey technology and allows our customers to select image of their choice to replace the real background during video calls and conferences.
  • Customize “Call” and “End Call” buttons and select the image that will be displayed on the screen when authorizing and connecting to TrueConf Server.
  • Enable auto scaling for portrait displays.
  • Enable video conferencing and chat between company managers and video kiosk users and select active cameras, microphones and speakers.

In addition, TrueConf Kiosk users can set incoming call routing between call center or sales department managers. With TrueConf technologies you can implement smart queue that distributes incoming calls between free operators, displays notifications on the video kiosk screen if operators are busy, and directs waiting calls to the first available operator. This way you can optimize customer consultation timeframe and ensure that all incoming calls are handled.

The application installer already includes all the necessary SDK libraries, so you can launch the application right after the installation is complete. To work with TrueConf Kiosk, you also need to install TrueConf Server.