Garets LLC Became the Exclusive Distributor of TrueConf Solutions in Poland

Alina Krukova
June 18, 2013
Alina Krukova
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Garets LLC Became the Exclusive Distributor of TrueConf Solutions in Poland 1

We are pleased to inform you that starting from June this year Garets LLC has become our exclusive representative in Poland. Our Polish
colleagues have received training on the TrueConf products and confirmed their status as experts in the field of video conferencing.

Garets LLC offers the following software-based video conferencing solutions to Polish clients: TrueConf Server – a server for multipoint video
conferencing in local networks of any complexity and TrueConf Enterprise – a solution for corporations and service providers that supports
thousands of video conferencing users. As well as a range of client applications for devices running on different operating systems: TrueConf
Client – a client application for Windows, TrueConf OS X – a client application for OS X (including MacBook) and a number of client applications
for mobile devices – TrueConf Mobile (Android, iPod, iPad, iPhone).

Garets LLC Became the Exclusive Distributor of TrueConf Solutions in Poland 2

The majority of European companies are forced to limit the scope of their video conferencing projects due to high costs arising under the use of
traditional Full HD video conferencing hardware solutions. However, TrueConf changes the “rules of the game”: the clients no longer have to
compromise between quality and price, as the company’s solutions guarantee high quality and scalability at a reasonable price.

The testing of software solutions from variety of vendors at Garets LLC concluded that TrueConf cross-platform solution may be easily integrated
into the existing systems of communications at enterprises. Thus, Garets LLC provides its customers with video conferencing system that is
completely ready for use in a single working day. And thanks to the support of SVC technology, the need to purchase expensive multipoint video
conferencing hardware server (MCU) is now gone for good. This reasonably lowers the costs arising under the implementation of video conferencing
systems and expands it beyond the meeting rooms and top managers desktops.

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