TrueConf HIPAA-Compliance Statement

Arsen Martirosyan
July 7, 2017
Arsen Martirosyan
Categories: News

Telemedicine and telehealth video conferencing are highly essential today, as there’s a constant shortage of doctors, limited access to the healthcare facilities and rising costs to medical services. With support for video conferencing, hospitals, clinics, and emergency centers can connect their patients with health professionals for regular check-ups, medical examinations and emergency medical care. All healthcare organizations that use, store, maintain, or transmit patient health information are expected to be in complete compliance with the regulations of the HIPAA law. Video conferencing involving electronic exchange of health information is protected under HIPAA rules as well.

We are happy to announce that TrueConf video conferencing solutions, both cloud and on-premises software, support HIPAA security standards and are HIPAA-compliant. TrueConf Server operates in private networks monitored by our customers and ensures secure connection via SSL/TLS encryption protocols. Video, audio, and content are additionally protected using AES-256. For more information, read TrueConf HIPAA Compliance Statement.

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