Now we support HD quality in all its video conferencing products

Alina Krukova
December 20, 2010
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

The latest version of the cloud-based video conferencing service TrueConf Online 6.1.1 features high quality video streaming (HQ mode) which not only creates the effect of personal presence but allows to see even the minutest details and movements.

Due to the introduction of HQ (640×480) video transmission the overall video resolution in group conferences with four and more participants equals to 1280x960p, which is 33% higher than the HD (720p.) format allows.

Besides, the updated version enables to join a conference by simply calling its owner. The invitation to the conference now contains the theme of the conference in order to highlight the issues listed for current and future discussions.

Precise image in communication is an additional factor of personal involvement and influence, especially when the negotiating parties are located in different cities or countries. Sometimes it’s the weather conditions, busy traffic, geographical distances that prevent you from meeting your customer or your boss on time. In this case video conferencing is not a modern trend, but sheer necessity.