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TrueConf Group 1.1.3: updates and improvements

December 1, 2023
Maria Mihalyova

Maria Mihalyova

Categories: News, TrueConf Group

TrueConf Group 1.1.3: updates and improvements 1

We’re glad to announce TrueConf Group 1.1.3, the latest update of our video conferencing endpoint for meeting rooms powered by updated firmware. The new version brings a number of useful enhancements and performance improvements.

If you’d like to upgrade your TrueConf Group firmware, please contact our technical support.


Updates and improvements

  • We’ve improved compatibility of TrueConf Group with wireless presentation systems and other content sharing devices
  • We’ve added the ability to accept invitations to online meetings scheduled using TrueConf add-ins for Microsoft Outlook
  • We’ve improved the speed of the video conferencing endpoint’s web interface during the import of contacts from TrueConf Server and TrueConf MCU
  • The work speed of the web interface when interacting with the Calendar section has also been improved
  • When starting the audio test, the microphone and speaker used in the video conferencing endpoint are now automatically enabled
  • We’ve fixed an issue due to which, after restarting TrueConf Group, the content shared via HDMI was displayed instead of the camera image, and vice versa
  • Power consumption and heat generation during the operation of the video conferencing endpoint were reduced
  • The overall performance and stability of the video conferencing endpoint has been improved.

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