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TrueConf Group 1.0.60 Upgrade

July 18, 2022
Katerina Shramko

Katerina Shramko

Categories: News, TrueConf Group

TrueConf Group 1.0.60 Upgrade 1

Meet TrueConf Group 1.0.60, the latest upgrade of our video conferencing endpoint for meeting rooms of any size. The new version brings a number of useful improvements, don’t forget to update!

If you’d like to upgrade your TrueConf Group firmware, please contact our technical support.

Key enhancements:

  • In the version 1.0.59, we added the ability to remotely control the video conferencing endpoint via SSH protocol using the command line interface. Now, you can configure receiving ICS conference invitations via SSH and email. During an online meeting, TrueConf Group receives an invitation to join the session automatically — the appropriate notification is displayed on the screen connected to the endpoint.
  • We’ve enhanced the volume control mechanism. Now, when you increase the speaker volume, the previously muted sound is turned on automatically.
  • We’ve improved the stability of the video conferencing endpoint after waking up from sleep mode.
  • Web interface improvements:
    • You can now download or delete multiple videos via the appropriate section.
    • We’ve enhanced the logic for adding RTSP-contacts to the address book. Now, the video conferencing endpoint verifies the entered RTSP address and automatically adds a port, if it hasn’t been set manually.
    • We’ve improved search for contacts in the address book. Previously, some contacts with a non-SIP/H.323 address weren’t displayed in search results.
    • We’ve added the ability to set an extension number starting with 0 in H.323 gatekeeper settings.
  • We’ve also increased the overall performance and stability of TrueConf Group firmware.

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