TrueConf for OS X Version 1.2.4 Supports Avatars

Alina Krukova
January 19, 2015
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf OS X 1.2.4

We are proud to present the latest version of our TrueConf for OS X application. TrueConf for OS X 1.2.4 now supports avatars in the Address Book. The notifications about new chat messages became clickable, and the application itself now supports all the limitations selected by the server’s administrator in the Group tab of the Web Manager tool. We have also improved the application’s stability.

Changes in TrueConf OS X 1.2.4:

  • User avatar display in the Address Book of the application.
  • Updated TrueConf developer digital signature, so now the application successfully passes the Gatekeeper antivirus test that was changed in the latest versions of OS X.
  • Now the application supports all the limitations implied by the video conferencing server administrator in the Groups tab of the Web Manager tool.
  • If the view mode is changed from compact to normal and vice-versa, the text of a message yet to be sent is placed in the text input field.
  • If the Host’s device is blocked during the conference, the conference continues for all the rest of participants.
  • A chat window opens by clicking the corresponding message notification.
  • Improved changing the system language of the application.
  • Improved performance stability of the application.

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