TrueConf Released TrueConf Directory 1.0 – a Software Solution for Enterprises

Vitaliy Sidey
December 10, 2013
Vitaliy Sidey
Categories: News

TrueConf introduces TrueConf Directory 1.0.0 – a new software solution aimed to connect multiple TrueConf Servers and to improve cooperation between them.

The solution is suitable for large distributed video conferencing infrastructures containing multiple video conferencing servers and a large number of subscribers.

TrueConf Directory Key Features:
  1. Installed on a customer’s premises under his/her full control and combines user information from multiple TrueConf Servers.
  2. Replaces client applications’ standard search tool with access to the search among all groups and users of multiple independent TrueConf Servers, connected to TrueConf Directory.
  3. Convenient interface for adding and editing the server lists of TrueConf Servers connected to TrueConf Directory.

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