Polymedia and TrueConf Integrated Their Solutions in Project Flipbox

Alina Krukova
September 3, 2014
Alina Krukova
Categories: News
Polymedia and TrueConf Integrated Their Solutions in Project Flipbox 1

Polymedia and TrueConf integrated their solutions and released a collaborative project. The result of this collaboration is Fipbox – an upgraded interactive smart display with UHD video conferencing capabilities by TrueConf.

The new version of Flipbox features video conferencing based on TrueConf Online cloud solution. Now Flipbox users have access to various group video conferencing modes in resolution up to 4К (UltraHD) and a set of collaboration tools (e.g. Chat, Whiteboard, Recording, Slide Show, Desktop Sharing, File Transfer, and Presence Statuses). The best possible video and audio quality received by every video conference participant is provided by Scalable Video Coding technology (SVC). The solution may be used on any popular platform (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS).

The developers explain their decision to choose TrueConf as video conferencing technology by its accordance with the demands of modern users. The majority of whom want to have a unified access to corporate communications from mobile (iOS, Android) and personal laptops, and the ability to collaborate on documents and solutions while conducting multipoint video conferencing sessions.

Both Polymedia and TrueConf are long-time players on Russian IT&AV market. They have similar positions and views on perspectives of local technological development. This collaboration will provide users of Flipbox by Polymedia with a more modern video conferencing instruments. And integration of Flipbox and TrueConf Online will turn the interactive smart display into a powerful instrument for distant education and increase its popularity year-to-year.

We remind that Polymedia announced Flipbox release on June 27, 2104. It is known that Flipbox UHD with new video conferencing solution will enter the market this September. Polymedia developers report that Flipbox UHD with TrueConf Online cloud video conferencing service can be pre-ordered now and shipping begins on September 17, 2014. With the release of new version, the users of previous versions of Flipbox will also get updates.

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