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TrueConf and ClinicTracker Deliver a Powerful Telemedicine Solution

October 31, 2019
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

TrueConf and ClinicTracker Deliver a Powerful Telemedicine Solution 1

JAG Products, a leading U.S. developer of electronic health record software, has successfully used TrueConf API to build a powerful telemedicine solution which enables patients and doctors to hold video appointments and therapy sessions via a multi-purpose web  portal. Many clinics have already adopted this solution to improve patient care and cut everyday costs. 

JAG Products is a leading U.S. vendor of electronic health record software designed for mental health clinics. Many company’s clients required an effective telemedicine tool that would fully integrate into their clinic management software. To respond to this growing need, the management decided to add video conferencing capabilities into ClinicTracker’s Patient Portal, the website used by patients to schedule appointments, communicate with their treatment team, and check financial information. After an exhaustive search, ClinicTracker ultimately decided to use development tools offered by TrueConf, a major vendor of video conferencing solutions. Thanks to TrueConf API and a collaborative effort between the two teams, the companies succeeded in integrating video conferencing into ClinicTracker Patient Portal.

With this effective telemedicine platform, patients in remote areas or with mobility restrictions can access services more quickly and easily. Thanks to TrueConf, ClinicTracker managed to offer an EHR solution that creates new value for users and will become a gold standard for healthcare organizations. 

Want to learn more about TrueConf telemedicine solutions? Give us a ping via online chat and tell us more about your project — our managers will be happy to provide you with a free demo of the best TrueConf offerings.

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