TrueConf 7.3 for Windows: A Major Update

Alina Krukova
June 8, 2018
Alina Krukova

TrueConf 7.3 for Windows: A Major Update 1

Today we are launching TrueConf 7.3 for Windows, a major update with a lot of new features, including video conference recording, sharing content and video simultaneously, voice activated layouts, virtual background and much more. In addition, we’ve significantly improved application performance and overall user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the key updates.

Video Conference Recording

Video Conference RecordingThanks to video conference recording, you can always take your time and return to an important conversation later, or share a recording with your colleagues who couldn’t make it to the meeting. Based on your preferences, you can record either a full conference or individual user videos.

Save your session in a convenient format and resolution: all parameters are available in active conference settings.


Video Conference Recording

Sharing Content and Video Simultaneously

Content sharing is an essential part of any video conference, and it really needs to be perfect to reach your audience. Previously, you had to capture content instead of your webcam video. With TrueConf 7.3, you can share your content and video simultaneously to enjoy interactive experience with other conference participants.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to show your video over the content or in a separate window. By selecting the first variant, you get a small self-view over your content, which can be dragged around the screen with the help of a mouse. However, if you are using multiple connected displays, you might want to switch to the second variant and show your content in a separate window.

Sharing Content and Video Simultaneously

Voice Activation

Having troubles recognizing a speaker during large-scale video conferences? Our new features should help! First, during video conferences active speaker’s video can automatically be highlighted with a color frame. If several people are simultaneously speaking, three speakers with the highest volume level are highlighted.

Second, we’ve supported voice activated video layouts, so you no longer need to be distracted by manually switching the settings during the meeting. Choose voice activation and speaker’s video will automatically be enlarged during the conference. You can set this function in the Conference Manager during active conference.

NTLM Authentication

From now on, you don’t need to enter your username and password each time you start TrueConf app thanks to automatic authentication. This option is available when the following conditions are met:

  • “NTLM Authentication Support” box is checked in TrueConf Server administration panel.
  • TrueConf Server is integrated with Active Directory.
  • Address of TrueConf Server instance deployed in your company’s domain network is indicated in client application settings.
  • PC user account is registered in Active Directory, and PC is connected to the same domain network as TrueConf Server.
  • The user has authorized in the application for the first time.

If everything is correct, you will be automatically authorized in the client application next time you start the application and connect it to TrueConf Server.

Camera Remote Control

Previously, TrueConf for Windows users could manage their own PTZ camera directly from the application thanks to a special built-in widget. Now you can authorize fellow conference participants to manage your PTZ camera and focus on the conference instead. Set access to your camera in the Settings—Preferences—Conference tab.

Virtual Background

If your daily workflow consists of video calls, you have definitely thought about finding a perfect background for your work space. Thanks to chromakey technology, it is now possible to replace your background with an image of your choice right during the conference.

TrueConf 7.3 для WindowsVirtual Background

You can select and set any image as a background (e.g. your logo or a corporate poster). As a real background, we recommend using a flat color object, preferably blue.

Automatic Phone Number Formatting

TrueConf 7.3 supports automatic formatting of phone numbers to a standardized form. Feel free to dial in phone numbers in various formats (with or without brackets, with or without spaces between the digits). To make a call, copy phone number and insert it into the dialer.