TrueConf 7.3.4 for Linux Update: Recording, Virtual Backgrounds and IDN Support

Arsen Martirosyan
September 2, 2019
Arsen Martirosyan

TrueConf 7.3.4 for Linux

Today we are excited to introduce TrueConf 7.3.4, updated client application for various Linux distros. We are bringing a lot of popular features, such as video conference recording, ChromaKey for virtual backgrounds, scheduling conferences directly from client application, far-end PTZ camera control, speaker highlighting and much more. Do not forget to update!

Let’s take a quick look at the key changes.

Video Conference Recording

TrueConf 7.3.4 for Linux now features one of the most important collaboration tools — video call and conference recording. Record your meetings in TrueConf to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activities at any point of the conference, and share the videos with your co-workers.

Virtual Backgrounds

We’ve supported Chromakey technology which helps you replace real backgrounds with virtual ones during video calls and conferences. TrueConf for Linux users now don’t need to beforehand search for a suitable workplace with the right background to hold a webinar or take the podium remotely — just download the image you need in two clicks.

Fast Conference Scheduler

With TrueConf 7.3.4 for Linux, users can schedule conferences rights from their client applications. Previously, conference scheduling required system administrator’s help.

Far-End PTZ Camera Control

Users can now control remote users’ PTZ cameras from their client application. This feature allows panning and zooming PTZ devices, including the cameras built into video conferencing endpoints or installed in meeting rooms.

UDP Multicast Data Transfer Mode

Thanks to UDP Multicast protocol support, TrueConf for Linux users can share data with one another directly in a closed corporate network bypassing TrueConf Server. This approach reduces network load on the video conferencing system. You can read more about this protocol here.

Speaker Highlighting and Active Speaker Mode

Enable active speaker mode in the application settings to automatically enlarge speaker’s video, which saves you from changing the video layout manually. Additionally, speaker’s video can automatically be highlighted with a color frame.

Improved Content Sharing

Your video and shared content are now displayed in different video windows during conferences. The new feature makes your meetings more live and interactive and helps conference participants better perceive information.

Phone Number Formatting

We’ve enabled automatic formatting of phone numbers, which allows you to quickly and accurately get through to a subscriber using a dialer without adjusting an original number you’ve copied (with/without brackets, with/without spaces, etc).

IDN Support

Our application now supports IDN, domain names that contain national alphabet characters. This feature allows you to connect to video conferencing servers containing Cyrillic (and other non-Latin) characters in their names.

More Useful Features

  • Optimized workflow with slow Internet connection. Our application now performs better with unstable Internet connection to enhance video conferencing reliability using TrueConf for Linux.
  • Additional option for moderators at the end of the conferences. Now, when moderators want to end the conference, they can choose whether to end a session for all participants or leave the conference.
  • Improved collaboration tools. We’ve improved content and slide show tools to enhance the quality of broadcast data and help conference participants better perceive information.
  • Portuguese localization support.

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