TrueConf 7.3.2 for Windows Update

Alina Krukova
December 18, 2018
Alina Krukova

We are happy to release TrueConf 7.3.2 for Windows, an updated client application for video conferencing and collaboration. We have increased application performance, improved camera control, and added new useful features that will enhance user experience.

TrueConf 7.3.2 for Windows Update

  • IDN Support.
    Thanks to support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names), your application can connect to the video conferencing servers the names of which contain national alphabet characters.

    TrueConf 7.3.2 for Windows Update 1

  • 64-bit app.
    64-bit app bersion TrueConf 7.3.2 is available for 64-bit version of Windows OS, which is considered to enhance application performance.
  • Improved Content Sharing.
    During video conferences it is often required to share a separate application window with other users. The new update makes content sharing more comfortable: when you start sharing a separate app window, it automatically floats on top of other windows.
  • Improved Conference Recording.
    We have improved video conference recording tool and decreased minimum system requirements, which allows users to record video meetings in higher definition.