TrueConf 2.7 for iOS: Speakers mute and hotfixes

Alina Krukova
June 16, 2020
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf 2.7 for iOS: Speakers mute and hotfixes 1
Meet TrueConf 2.7 for iOS, a new version of our client application. The latest update makes it easy to search for users in the address book and quickly disable sound during video meetings. Additionally, we have fixed a number of bugs to make your video conferencing experience more seamless. 

TrueConf 2.7 for iOS is already available for download on the AppStore, don’t forget to update.


User groups sorted alphabetically

Now user groups in the address book are sorted alphabetically. Thanks to this update, it is much easier to navigate your address book when starting a video call or creating a conference.

Mute button for the speakers

Since the speaker volume control in iOS doesn’t allow you to mute your speakers completely, we’ve added a dedicated button that enables you to mute your speakers in one tap right during an ongoing meeting. A new button is available in the call control panel. 

TrueConf 2.7 for iOS: Speakers mute and hotfixes 2


In addition, the new version fixes a number of reported issues:

  • Fixed the bug that caused a conference to end immediately after its start.
  • Improved app performance and better connection quality during video calls and conferences.