TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS Update

Alina Krukova
June 1, 2017
Alina Krukova
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TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS is now available for download in the App Store. We’ve introduced vital enhancements, such as better video quality, new prompts and PushKit notifications. Let’s have a closer look at the recent update!


High-Quality Video Transmission

TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS now supports high quality video resolution up to 1280×720. Your friends will appreciate great video quality and will see everything to the finest detail.

TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS Update 1


To make TrueConf operation more comfortable for our users, we’ve added new prompts. New prompts will introduce our new features, help you set up your account and will notify your friends about recent changes.
TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS Update 2 TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS Update 3

PushKit Notifications

TrueConf 1.8.0 also supports PushKit, new Apple framework for voice applications. Get missed calls/messages alerts on time and save your battery and traffic.

Thanks to your feedback, we fixed a lot of minor bugs, made our app easier to work with and significantly improved communication quality. Stay in touch and watch for TrueConf updates in our blog and social networks!

TrueConf 1.8.0 for iOS Changelog

  • Added. Video transmission up to 1280×720
  • Added. PushKit support
  • Added. New prompts
  • Changed. More stable operation
  • Changed. Chat messages processing improved