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Dmitry Odintsov Appointed as Chief Business Development Officer of TrueConf

December 10, 2015
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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Dmitry Odintsov (former Sales Director) has been positioned as TrueConf Chief Business Development Officer. This newly created position will enable Mr. Odintsov to respond to some exciting, new international market developments. His primary tasks include the identification of promising market niches, the expansion of TrueConf’s global partnership network, and the promotion of TrueConf solutions in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia-Pacific region.

The decision to create this new position was made in response to the growing demand for TrueConf solutions. To that end, strengthening TrueConf’s position within the international market is the company’s top priority at the moment.

odinMr. Odintsov is ready for the challenges that lay ahead. “I am happy to work on TrueConf development in collaboration with our team of professionals. Through my work in the Sales Department, I gained solid business experience in various countries and I am sure that my knowledge will be useful for the company,” says Mr. Odintsov.

Dmitry Odintsov started his career at TrueConf in 2008. He singlehandedly created the Sales Department and became its head. Thanks to his professional approach, more than 1 500 companies have become TrueConf clients.

In his new position of Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Odintsov will work closely with the heads of Sales Departments within Eastern Europe and worldwide. Such an approach will allow him to monitor changes in demand for the company’s products and focus on TrueConf’s global development.




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