TrueConf supports screen sharing and enhances videoconferencing capabilities

Alina Krukova
August 4, 2009
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

Our company, leading video conferencing solutions developer, announces the release of TrueConf 5.5.5 application for TrueConf online service. Screen/desktop sharing capabilities were added in the new video software version. Audio quality greatly improved, including vast improvement of echo cancellation. Multi monitor system now have the improved support.

Functional improvements

Contemporary video conferencing systems are not only transferring video, audio and text between two points. Several years ago these group conferencing were added when many people can simultaneously see each other. Current tendencies enforce collaboration tolls requirements on personal and group conferencing systems.

TrueConf Online service currently supported such collaboration tools like common chat channel, file transfer, white board and slide show. Now this list was enhanced with the new feature – sharing of the remote computer screens. Important feature is that screen sharing capability is available even in group conferences.

What is a remote screen sharing?

Remote screen sharing is a function of video conferencing program, which allows transmitting current image of desktop to all conference parties without using additional programs.

Enhance your videoconferencing

You can download TrueConf video conferencing tool here.