Get more features with TrueConf on Apple Watch

Alina Krukova
September 28, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: News

Great news for Apple fans! Latest version of TrueConf for iOS app 1.6.3 now works on Apple Watch.


TrueConf on Apple Watch allows users exchange instant messages with each other, without taking a mobile phone out of the pocket. Other smart watch application features allow to look through active conversations, notifications for incoming calls and gives an ability to see your contact’s profile.

All the actions with the application are performed by simple screen touches. Thus, for a quick access from a contact’s profile to chatting with a contact and vice versa it is enough to force touch the screen. To send a quick response to a message a set of templates is used, saving time on text typing, especially when Apple Watch is hard to reach, for example during important meetings or conferences.

Notice that TrueConf Contact List on Watch OS is available without any prior setup, after signing up to TrueConf profile.

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