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Face-to-Face Customer Service: TrueConf Kiosk in Istanbul New Airport

May 22, 2019
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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The visitors of Istanbul New Airport can experience a new level of real-time customer service and get immediate help in a matter of seconds thanks to information video kiosk system powered by TrueConf SDK. Self-service kiosks dramatically lower the cost basis for the Istanbul New Airport and help provide excellent quality of experience.

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Istanbul Airport is the main international airport in Turkey, opened in April 2019. It is the largest airport in the world with an area of 818 million square feet, planning to serve 200 million passengers a year and handling more than 200 flights on a daily basis. The management decided to implement self-service kiosks and information panels across the building to provide passengers with immediate assistance in purchasing tickets, viewing flight schedule, or simply finding their way around the airport.

Face-to-Face Customer Service: TrueConf Kiosk in Istanbul New Airport 1

To ensure flawless audio and video communication and a truly engaging travel experience, Istanbul Airport utilized TrueConf SDK for Windows. The click-to-call solution was integrated into self-service interactive kiosks manufactured by Cizgi, a leading Turkish IT systems provider. Operators can offer immediate video assistance to their customers and improve the user experience by providing visual cues thanks to content sharing support. With TrueConf, airport travellers enjoy video calls and conferences in Full HD resolution, while all communication sessions run in local network and are safely recorded on the server for further reference and operator assessment.

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