Elfab Ltd. Implements TrueConf as the Video Conferencing Solution to Connect Its Offices in the UK and Singapore

Vitaliy Sidey
May 23, 2014
Vitaliy Sidey
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In 2014, the number of TrueConf’s clients was expanded by British-based Elfab company. Elfab Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of explosion
vents and associated detection systems.

The company has bought TrueConf Server for connecting its branches in Britain and Singapore, and for remote training of
the personnel in both offices. TrueConf Server will be mostly used in meeting rooms and it will allow the personnel
of Elfab to see the quality of this solution not only in FullHD, but also in 4К (UltraHD) resolution.

Elfab extends their local network over WAN between the UK and Singapore, and the conferences are conducted via private enterprise network.
That is why the defining factor in choosing a video conferencing solution for Elfab was TrueConf Server’s ability to operate in a private
network without requiring Internet access.

Elfab Ltd. have purchased an easily adjustable and scalable business-quality video conferencing solution that works in private networks at a
reasonable price.

Michael Ward, IT Manager in Elfab, said: “We needed a solution that would allow us to carry out training and meetings primarily between the UK
and Singapore. All other solutions we tried used the Internet, and because of the bandwidth and latency it gave us very poor results. We are
satisfied with TrueConf and found that it satisfied our needs at a reasonable cost.”

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