TrueConf Introduces 90% Discount Promotion on All Video Conferencing Servers!

Vitaliy Sidey
September 21, 2011
Vitaliy Sidey
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TrueConf company offers American and Australian colleges and universities 90% discount on its software-based video conferencing server TrueConf Server for educational purposes.

TrueConf, leading developer of video conference solutions for corporate and personal use, announces 90% discount promotion on all TrueConf Server licenses for educational purposes.

From 21st September 2011 till 31st December 2011 colleges and universities of USA and Australia can purchase license for software-based video conferencing server at the 10% price only*.

Being a software-based video conferencing server, TrueConf Server is a beneficial solution for distance learning, as it favours delivering classroom content/instructions to students who are not physically on site. Video conferencing solutions work over the Internet, which helps teachers and students communicate in real-time.

Video conferencing became an inalienable part of distance learning, because it connects teachers and students from any place of the world and makes information exchange comfortable, safe and easy process.

This promotion is aimed for American and Australian colleges and universities to develop sufficient basis for distance learning, make education accessible, overcome the distances and help to get latest and updated information.

TrueConf offers numerous tools that are advantageous for educational process. You can:

  • make personal video calls;
  • conduct multipoint video conferences where all participants can see and hear each other and use collaborative features;
  • create video lectures in which participants can see and hear only one speaker, who in turn sees and hears all of them;
  • gather up to 120 students in virtual meeting mode where all participants can see and hear up to 3 speakers at the same time and take active part in the discussions by asking for the floor or by chatting.

Moreover, there are numerous collaborative tools for successful distance learning: video conferencing chat, whiteboard use, slide-show and presentations, remote desktop sharing, conference recording, file transfer and many others.

Discount Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only colleges and universities of USA and Australia participate in the promotion.
  2. Promotion participants must provide original documents which confirm that they are representatives of American or Australian colleges/universities.
  3. The promotion is valid from 21st September 2011 till 31st December 2011.

Don’t hesitate to contact us +1 (833) 878-32-63 or by e-mail: We will be happy to answer your questions.

*- promotion is applied to TrueConf Server licenses only, additional features are available separately.

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