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How to Control the TrueConf Server Out of Network

August 6, 2021


TrueConf Server has to be installed on a computer running one of the compatible operating systems.

It can be administered from any computer both inside and outside your local network.

TrueConf Server administrator should take the following steps to start managing TrueConf Server from any PC.

Step 1. Allow the TrueConf Server Connection through a Firewall

Windows Firewall rules are applied during the TrueConf Server installation, so you need to configure them only if you use a different firewall. In this case, you need to enable incoming connections on the following ports:

  • the port used by the TrueConf Server control panel (80, 8080, 8888 or the port you indicated during the installation process)
  • the port used by HTTPS connection (443 by default)
To be able to control TrueConf Server out of your local network, you need to have a static external IP address or FQDN of your TrueConf Server instance visible from outside the network. If TrueConf Server connects to the Internet via a router, NAT, or other network device, you will need to configure IP addressing.

Step 2. Specify a range of allowed IPs

Open TrueConf Server Control Panel and select the tab Web → Security.

Check the box Limit access to admin area by IP. After that you’ll be able to edit the subnets field.

If the full IP address of the PC from which you will be managing the server is listed in the default addresses ranges, no changes are necessary.

If the IP address is different, add it (or a range in which it is included) in the string.
Use space as a separation symbol for the range.

Click Apply:
How to Control the TrueConf Server Out of Network 1

To enable remote control sessions from any IP address (after signing in), uncheck the Limit access to admin area by IP box.

Step 3. Add a user to the group for Windows

In the final step, you need to add users to one of the following groups:

  • TrueConf Server Admin – to give access to TrueConf Server’s administration.
  • TrueConf Server Security Admin – to view reports and conference recordings on TrueConf Server.

Open the Computer Management on your PC, go to the Local Users and Groups / Users and select the user’s Windows account (or create a new account if the user doesn’t belong to the local group) from the list.

Then add users to one of the groups mentioned above.

How to connect to a remote TrueConf Server instance?

In order to control TrueConf Server remotely, administrators should open their browser and enter the IP address or domain name of their TrueConf Server instance in the address bar to open their guest page. Click Administrator login and enter your Windows user account details. Please note that your Windows account has been created on the PC where TrueConf Server is installed.

Guest page TrueConf Server administrator login

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