Voxel Digital has Implemented TrueConf for Automated Branch Banking at Banpará Bank

December 19, 2017 Source

Voxel Digital has implemented TrueConf solution into Banpará Bank digital branch in the aims for automated customer service. Banpará Bank has opened a new automated branch without employees, powered by TrueConf Server video conferencing.

In these branches, which are operated via ATMs, interactive kiosks and remote call agents, TrueConf and Voxel Digital built a secured video conferencing system to connect call centres and automated meeting room, with customised interface based on TrueConf API developed by the integrator.

The system implemented does not feature screen interface, and the customers just need to press one button to initiate the call and connect to available agents. All these calls are then recorded on the TrueConf Server installed in the bank data centre.

“We’ve created this completely automated bank branch to bridge the distance between the bank and our clients. With the help of state-of-art technologies we are doing our best to simplify customer experience,” comments Marcelo Fiori, Voxel Digital CEO.

“Making familiar things better is an important task, which proves to be more difficult than it seems. Our company is constantly developing new technologies to provide new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. TrueConf revolutionizes the concept of comfort,” says Dmitrii Odintsov, chief business development officer at TrueConf.

Published on December 19, 2017 by IBS Intelligence
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