TrueConf Server Enables Up to 25 Participants in Video Conferences

June 8, 2015 Source

A videoconferencing application from a Russian company has been updated to allow up to 25 people to appear on screen during group sessions. TrueConf has updated TrueConf Server to enable more people to be seen during the conference. Behind the scenes, the software can host up to several hundred participants, allowing them to interact and use instant messaging, desktop sharing, slideshow and recording.

According to the company, comparable enhancements were already available on its client versions of the software for Windows, Linux and OS X. Users on iOS and Android mobile devices are limited to nine or fewer participants on screen, depending on the device’s performance.

The system can be used for video lecture, virtual meetings, high-definition video calls and multipoint videoconferencing. TrueConf Server pricing starts at $3,295 per year with an unlimited number of accounts. A free edition of the server software can accommodate up to six named accounts.

Among TrueConf’s customers is Binh Duong University in Vietnam, which uses the software for its distance education program.

Published on 08 June 2015 by CAMPUS TEHNOLOGY
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