TrueConf Releases Voice Tracker

February 2, 2018 Source

TrueConf joins forces with Phoenix Audio Technology with Tracker– a voice tracking camera technology for huddle and conference rooms allowing automatic speaker tracking.

TrueConf Tracker
TrueConf TrackerTracker, well, tracks participants in a room through the combination of any UVC-compatible PTZ camera and the direction-finding Phoenix Audio Condor beam forming array. The Condor array divides the room into 7 sectors, and tracks voices in every sector using audio beams technology. In turn, the PTZ camera is voice tracked via microphone array beams by separating speakers in the conference room, and even includes additional coordinates such as tilt and zoom.

Once the Condor identifies the active speaker, Tracker associates it with the vector directed to meeting room seats, and sets the according coordinates to the PTZ camera present.

“Phoenix Audio Technologies provides best-in-class audio communications solutions, and we are pleased to cooperate with them”, TrueConf says. “Through our collaboration with Phoenix Audio Technologies, we hope to bring next generation video conferencing experience into meeting rooms and ensure seamless integrated experience for our customers.”

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