TrueConf Releases Open Source App for Video Kiosks

January 9, 2019 Source

Introducing the new TrueConf Kiosk source code

TrueConf Releases Open Source App for Video Kiosks

TrueConf, a company known for their pioneering developments in meeting room, desktop and mobile video solutions, recently announced a new application. With the support of a community of developers to guide them, TrueConf has opened access to the TrueConf Kiosk source coding. TrueConf plans to use the open source application to make video kiosk software a more accessible reality for companies around the world.

With the TrueConf Kiosk source code, developers will be able to create their own custom applications for dealing with customer service through immersive video conferencing.

Simplifying the Video Journey

The TrueConf video conferencing and collaboration solutions are popular thanks to their simplicity, comprehensive features and compatibility with legacy equipment. With TrueConf solutions, many companies have been able to upgrade their customer experience strategies to support the growing demand for video communication. Now, the open source TrueConf Kiosk source code will give even more control to companies in search of a real-time solution for consumer service.

In the past, embedding video conferencing into your customer experience strategy often meant recruiting and paying for skilled software engineers and commissioning a custom application. Alternatively, developers had to spend time learning how to use available SDKs. TrueConf has made the path to video communication easier for today’s brands with a ready-to-use and easily adaptable system for designing video support kiosks.

What You Can Do with the TrueConf Source Code

The easy-to-access TrueConf source code resolves many of the challenges commonly associated with video conferencing in the customer experience environment. The system can be installed on any Windows PC within a matter of minutes, and the application is already available to access on GitHub.

TrueConf’s source code is currently available as an open source project for Delphi and Visual Studio, which are two of the most popular environments for developers. With these tools, you can customise your application interface to suit the needs of your target audience and enhance your brand differentiation strategy. The TrueConf source code is completely free to modify, use and distribute, although it does require a conncection to the TrueConf Server.

The delivery of a new and highly accessible source code is an excellent news for developers that would have previously struggled to provide companies with the video system they need, without investing in expensive custom app creation tools. According to the CBDO of TrueConf, Dmitry Odintsov, the company is thrilled to be introducing the first open source application for video kiosks in the world.

Already, TrueConf provides customers across the globe with opportunities to enhance and improve their customer experience strategy with a video conferencing solution designed to match their system. Today, TrueConf believes that the arrival of the open source solution will help to transform the approach the market takes towards video systems for customer experience.

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