TrueConf for Mac

November 30, 2015 Source

Video conference software application for OS X that integrates image and screen sharing capabilities, chat support, and group configuration

TrueConf is a video conferencing solution for OS X that integrates multiple collaboration tools and provides support for group communication.

The app can handle video and audio calls, comes with instant messaging functions, allows you to share your screen, and can share image slideshows to the participants.

Connect to the TrueConf servers or host your own

The TrueConf service comes with a server component that enables you to host the communication platform on your own servers for security reasons. However, by default, the app connects to the TrueConf servers, and you must register for an account to be able to employ the service.

Note that TrueConf can make video calls to people included in your address book, but also integrates a keypad for manually inserting the contact’s number. However, the TrueConf client does not allow you to manage your address book: to add new contacts, you must go through the web console.

On the other hand, the TrueConf app comes with a group manager that can be used to organize your contacts into multiple lists. This is extremely useful when dealing with a large number of participants because you get to collapse the groups with which you are not currently communicating.

Start video calls, share your screen, and chat with the participants

When commencing a call, TrueConf automatically uses your built-in camera and microphone to provide both audio and video support. As a result, you will be able to see and hear all participants, and vice versa.

Moreover, while the call is active, you may also share slideshows, share you screen or only a particular window, or send instant text messages. This way, you can present relevant information to the call participants without having to use third-party apps.

Video conferencing solution that enables you to communicate with multiple contacts

TrueConf allows you to call multiple contacts at the same time, which means that you get to collaborate with your entire team in a streamlined manner. What’s more, you can also send short messages with the help of the built-in chat tool.

On the other hand, the screen and slideshow sharing capabilities can be used to disseminate information in an efficient manner and to receive feedback instantly.

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