TrueConf Delivers Open Source Conferencing Application

November 28, 2018 Source
TrueConf Delivers Open Source Conferencing Application

Today, TrueConf unveiled an open source application for video enabled kiosks. Developed for Visual Studio and Delphi, the customizable application makes for easy installation avoiding the standard obstacles of leveraging a window-based PCs.

“We are proud to introduce the world’s first open source application for video kiosks”, said Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO. “We provide our customers with a unique opportunity to create their own video conferencing solutions based on a ready to re-use working piece of software instead of reading of SDK manuals. We hope that our offering will profoundly transform the market approach and make video conferencing SDK more accessible”.

Available on GitHub, the application is aimed at meeting customer requirements with customizability. TrueConf Kiosk offers users free source codes that provide easy modification and distribution. With a connection in place to the TrueConf Server, the media server delivers a reliable back-end for embedded solutions.

APIs and SDKs are not new to the game of development, but in recent years are experiencing time in the sun, pushing the possibilities of communication and collaboration with creativity serving as the primary boundary.

What advanced audio conferencing solution does your organization use?

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