TrueConf creates custom made car rental kiosk with video conferencing

February 26, 2018 Source

TrueConf has introduced TrueConf SDK, a free video library, and has created a kiosk with a built-in custom application for car rental to illustrate the SDK’s capabilities, the company announced on its website,

The solution allows users to initiate or receive video calls with an available operator, invite more operators into the conversation, or share content. In addition, TrueConf provides intelligent queue management, automatically transcodes video calls into SIP/H.323/WebRTC format and records calls and conferences on the server.

TrueConf’s video-enabling services touch on a broad range of verticals, including video banking, contact centers, virtual receptionists and more. Custom projects based on TrueConf SDK support customer service automatization, cut staff and travel costs and reduce waiting time during busy hours. By providing clients with a user-friendly library for diverse customer needs, TrueConf can make embedded video more accessible for developers who want to add real-time communications into their own solutions.

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