News in Brief: 26 January 2016

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Stock-Head-sized_16Nureva Inc., a company we first covered at InfoComm 2015 that makes collaboration-solutions for ideation and brainstorming, announced a new release of its software for the Nureva Span systems. Span software 1.1, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, includes a press-and-hold menu that gives users access to tools anywhere on the 10′- or 20′-wide canvas. In addition, the inking experience has been improved, as well as the ability to annotate over images for creating and refining ideas. Version 1.1 also now supports the Windows 10 operating system and the Safari browser. Other enhancements include new configuration options, the ability to add new users directly at the canvas and the ability to create groups from personal devices. The new release of Span software 1.1 was made available last week (January 22, 2016).

SMART Technologies has introduced a new bundle – called the SMART Learning Suite – consisting of three major products for the company: SMART Notebook, the newly enhanced SMART Lesson Activity Builder (LAB), and SMART amp. Current SMART Notebook Advantage customers will receive complimentary access to SMART amp. SMART Notebook offers an interactive learning platform that is purpose-built for education with real-time, multi-way contributions and the ability for lessons to be customized using subject-specific features. Notebook also includes integration with SMART kapp that began with Notebook 15.2. SMART Lesson Activity Builder offers customizable content to ensure activities are pedagogically sound, and SMART amp is a browser- and cloud-based platform for additional student collaboration and co-creation of content. The SMART Learning Suite bundle is available immediately. Separately, SMART introduced three new interactive flat panels (IFP’s) for the education markets: the SMART Board 6075, the SMART Board 4075 and the SMART Board 4084. The 6075 Board adds additional ports to support a greater number of connected devices, mini PC compatibility, 60Hz 4K Ultra HD for true 4K video support; Freeze Frame, giving users the ability to freeze screen content while they perform background tasks; and improved touch and ink performance. The two latest additions to the 4000 Series, the SMART Board 4075 and SMART Board 4084, add the abovementioned features (ports, mini-PC compatibility with more port functionality) ten simultaneous touch points, and in the case of the 4084, 4K Ultra HD resolution. All SMART interactive flat panels include the aforementioned SMART Learning Suite – I can see a pattern forming here! Hardware and software … sound familiar? Separately, SMART announced preliminary fiscal Q3 guidance that warned of lower-than-predicted kapp board sales, which will lead to an inventory charge of approximately $20 million in Q3.

Lecture capture / streaming video provider Panopto this week announced a migration program for MediaCore customers. In light of the Workday acquisition of MediaCore, and MediaCore support ending August 31, 2016, the migration program enables MediaCore customers to preserve and continue using their existing video assets. Panopto’s migration program includes a Panopto-built video content conversion tool, professional services, and financial incentives. For universities and businesses who commit to migration before March 31, 2016, Panopto will waive its $3,000 professional services flat fee. In addition, customers transitioning to Panopto’s cloud-hosted video platform will receive 1,000 hours of MediaCore video conversion at no cost.

Saba, maker of cloud-based talent management solutions that just happen to include web conferencing, announced that it achieved record new customer cloud sales in its fiscal Q2, and has maintained a 95+% renewal rate. Because it was taken private, the company reported minimal specifics, other than the following: “hey we delivered positive cash-flow from operations while maintaining strategic investments in product innovation and our world-class cloud platform … and … we received a clean opinion on our post-acquisition financials from our audit firm.” That latter point is important to prospects to allay fears that some of the restated earnings reports of some years ago are still a drag on the company. Expect to hear more when the company briefs us in the next few months.

Two or so weeks ago and worth noting, Microsoft announced it has acquired technology assets underlying the UC Commander product suite from Event Zero, a leading provider of management software for Skype for Business Online. This acquisition will allow Microsoft to expand and improve the built-in management tools for Skype for Business, with a goal of providing strong diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities and more extensive reporting and analytics for online audio, video conferencing and media streams. In other Microsoft news, the company has brought Skype group video conferencing capabilities to smartphone users (Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile). While group VC has been available to SfB users for some time now, this appears to be a response to moves by WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and other consumer-grade services. Finally, Microsoft has delivered an SfB integration with Slack. Skype integration for Slack enables Slack / SfB users to type a command into a channel or private chat and have SfB generate a link that can be used for launching an SfB call for participants in the conversation.

CounterPath has announced a definitive agreement for its Bria (softphones) and Stretto (platform) OTT products to be resold by Apps2com and ITAC to expand distribution within France.

UK-based enterprise messaging provider MindLink and the ISEC7 Group have announced a strategic partnership to offer enterprises secure and compliant messaging and collaboration tools in Germany and beyond. The ISEC7 Group is an IT consultancy that also delivers software development for secure mobile enterprise solutions – and now a channel partner for MindLink.

Biamp Systems has launched its new Devio collaboration system. Created specifically for huddle rooms and small gathering spaces, the solution enables people to quickly transition from their desks or cubicles to a collaboration space, connect their laptops to the technology in that room via a single USB 3.0 connection, and start collaborating with colleagues in person and via soft-codec conferencing systems. Devio includes the Devio CR-1, which offers simple pass-through HDMI connectivity and support for up to two displays, as well as advanced beamforming microphone (Devio DTM-1), an eight-element microphone featuring 360-degree coverage collected from three 120-degree zones. The CR-1 features a mounting clip that enables it to be installed on top of or under the room’s work surface, or mounted on a wall behind a display.

News in Brief: 26 January 2016 1

Audio / video solution provider ClearOne has launched the ClearOne UNITE 200 PTZ Camera, a professional-grade, HD video camera with USB, HDMI, and IP connections. Price point: U.S. MSRP $1,849, and shipping now.

In response to wide ranging changes in the training and professional learning industries, our friends at Compass Business Solutions have announced the launch of a new corporate identity, changing its name to Borderless Learning to be aligned with the Borderless Learning Programs it began offering last year. Borderless Learning is a leading specialized learning partner for Cisco and provides training for other manufacturers and certifications, including Microsoft, ITIL, CompTIA, PMP and others.

Moscow-based TrueConf has introduced a new feature allowing users to stream video conferences with the help of TrueConf Server. Live streaming is enabled via RTSP.

News in Brief: 26 January 2016 2

Universally-reviled Andrew Miller, formerly of Polycom and TANDBERG, has settled with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to pay $450,000 to resolve securities fraud and other charges.

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