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November 16, 2017 Source

Our partner, TrueConf, has released a new practical solution specifically designed for the Condor Microphone Array called TrueConf Tracker. The TrueConf Tracker revitalizes your video conferencing experience by removing the necessity to manually select presets on the PTZ camera. With this new solution, you can automatically track speakers in rooms equipped with Condor and any UVC-compatible PTZ camera.

How It Works

Condor Beamforming Microphone Array

The Condor sits above or below your TV, eliminating cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It divides the room into 14 sectors and tracks voices in every sector using audio beams technology. The Condor identifies active speakers in your meeting room. TrueConf’s software uses this information to guide the PTZ camera, using its API interface.

PTZ Camera Supporting UVC or VISCA Protocols

Once the Condor helps to select a proper pan direction to an active speaker, TrueConf’s software will send commands to the PTZ camera. The tilt and zoom functions are selected based on presets created for each of the 14 directions in TrueConf Tracker software.

TrueConf Tracker

Install the tracker software on a Windows-based PC. Once the Condor and PTZ camera are connected to the same computer, the software will analyze and filter vectors to active speakers in real time. You will need to set zoom and tilt manually after the TrueConf Tracker calibration to match audio beams with your meeting room seats.

TrueConf Tracker is available now in beta and free to use for a limited timeframe. Also, the TrueConf team needs your help to improve the tracker’s performance in the following versions, so please contact TrueConf with any feedback you may have.

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