Government of Bhutan Deploys TrueConf System for 200 Districts

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Government of Bhutan Deploys TrueConf System for 200 Districts 1By Rebekah Carter


Bhutan introduces secure video conferencing to 200 districts and 10 ministries

Government of Bhutan Deploys TrueConf System for 200 Districts 2TrueConf, a company dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art video conferencing to a range of unique environments achieved a massive win in their customer portfolio recently, when the Royal Government of Bhutan announced that they’d be introducing a systems for video meetings across 200 districts and 10 ministries in the country. The TrueConf server system is designed to connect 400 government officials, reducing the need for travel across difficult terrain.

According to a press release outlining the new deployment, the government needed a stable and secure video conferencing system to allow for immersive communication between the districts of Bhutan. The legacy solution lacked video enablement and didn’t support large-scale participation, which meant that frequent travel was common.

Introducing the TrueConf Video Conferencing System

To cut down on travel costs and improve productivity, the government of Bhutan decided that it was time for a change. They deployed the TrueConf video conferencing system to facilitate stronger connections between all the various locations where government officials were posted throughout Bhutan. The department of IT and Telecoms spent some time searching for an effective and scalable UC solution that would provide the right performance across various bandwidths. After extensive research, the government chose TrueConf as their preferred supplier.

TrueConf and Yamaha

It’s easy to see why TrueConf made the list. The server provided for video conferencing is designed to integrate easily with existing hardware like Polycom devices and webcams. What’s more, it comes packaged with a range of features that help to support larger group conferences, with a maximum of up to 6 speakers and 244 listeners in role-based meetings. The TrueConf server will also mean that the government workplaces can allow for adaptive BYOD policies within their workplace, allowing employees to participate in meetings from their own laptops.

A 4K Solution for Video Conferencing

Thanks to the support of the TrueConf Server, the government in Bhutan has accessed a secure and productive way to bring dispersed teams together and ensure better interactions. The TrueConf server offers 4K video conferencing, and the government revealed that they would be using the Logitech BRIO webcam to make the most of that feature. The hope is that this new development will reduce travel cost and improve work efficiency at the same time.

Up to now, the TrueConf server has been deployed across 205 Gewog administrations, 15 Drungkhag administrations, and 20 Dzongkhag administrations. According to Dmitriy Odintsov, the CBDO of TrueConf, the Server will allow the government of Bhutan can spread their video conferencing abilities and connect with new users across the country.

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