Brazil’s Banpara Bank Debuts Automated Branch

December 20, 2017 Source

Brazil’s Banpara Bank Debuts Automated Branch 1
Voxel Digital, a Brazilian integrator, has implemented TrueConf solution into Banpará Bank digital branch to move towards fully automated customer service powered by TrueConf Server video conferencing.

Banpará Bank has opened a new automated branch without employees. Instead, all the work is performed with the help of ATMs, interactive kiosks and remote call agents. In this project, TrueConf and Voxel Digital built a secured video conferencing system with user-friendly interface to connect call centers and automated meeting room.

Finding a right video conferencing solution was a long process for Voxel Digital. The company tried products by different vendors before finally opting for TrueConf. Bank video conferencing infrastructure is powered by TrueConf Server, while TrueConf Terminal is used to equip endpoints.

The integrator developed customized interface based on TrueConf API. Thanks to this solution, customers can initiate and terminate video calls with the help of corresponding buttons of the speakerphone located on the meeting room table.

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