The Use of Video Conferencing Technologies in Recruitment

The most important stage when applying for a job for both company representative and potential employee is the interview. The employer and the applicant must be well prepared in order to make this heart-pounding event go well. The first one: to form the most urgent and important issues for the company in advance, the second: to be psychologically tuned for the upcoming event.

If the applicant plans to cooperate with the company in a remote mode, he/she will have to go through an online interview. In this case, you will need to use video conferencing, because a CV sent to the employer by mail and a simple telephone call will not be enough.

Video Resume and Video Interview

If the employer is more or less satisfied with the candidate, he may request a video resume from applicant - a video, in which he briefly talks about himself (stand-up video with self-presentation). If after looking through this video resume an employer is interested in a candidate, he may appoint a video interview. It is held by a recruiter to evaluate candidate's personal and professional qualities are suitable for a specific vacancy.

Why video interview is useful for the applicant?

  1. He/she does not have to waste time on a trip to the office.
  2. He/she can have a face-to-face talk with a potential employer in comfortable conditions, even when they are at home. A comfortable home environment makes a person more relaxed.
  3. An applicant has the opportunity to contact the employer at any time, regardless of the weather conditions or time of the day.
  4. 4. An applicant can view the employment contract and other documents online with the help of collaboration tools, e.g. using "Slide show and presentations" feature.

Why video interview is useful for the employer?

  1. Full audio-visual contact with the candidate.
  2. He/she can invite other employees to a job interview. It is a convenient solution for large companies with distributed branch offices, when the heads of departments are in different cities. In order to participate in the interview, they simply connect to the current conference and ask their questions.
  3. No additional preparation (meeting room reservation or distraction of other employees from the workflow).

TrueConf Video Conferences in Recruitment

Beagle Group is a modern recruitment company that successfully uses TrueConf videoconferencing products since 2010 and offers an innovative tool to find employees to its clients - video recruitment. The company organizes live interviews between employers and candidates worldwide with the help of video bridges.

Among the main advantages of video conferencing Beagle Group is pointing out the following:

  1. The ability to record and store video interviews - the employer can always "freshen up" memories of past interviews and show it to other employees.
  2. Complete security and confidentiality of classified data when working with third parties.
  3. Saving time and travel expenses.
  4. Development without any regional restrictions.
FeaturesTrueConf Online
(cloud-based solution)
TrueConf Server
(for closed networks)
FullHD video calls 1-on-1VV
Virtual Meetingsup to 120 participantsup to 250 participants
Symmetric video conferencingup to 9 participantsup to 25 participants
Creating user groups in the address bookVV
Collaboration ToolsVV
Working behind Proxy, NAT and FirewallVV
Licensingper online user / monthper online user / year or lifetime