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TrueConf MCU
  • Convenient and secure: Purely software Linux-based video conferencing bridge
  • Modern approach: Replace outdated traditional hardware and connect users regardless of the system they’re using
  • Cost-effective: Scale your existing video conferencing system and substantially lower capital expenditure

How Does TrueConf Video Conferencing Bridge Work?

TrueConf MCU Network Scheme
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Video Conferencing Bridge for your Business

Traditional video conferencing solutions often lack flexibility and scalability, do not offer maintenance and support, and require expensive hardware. With TrueConf, your existing infrastructure will definitely pay off! TrueConf MCU provides conferencing bridge technology that will securely connect your VC endpoints in a high-quality video meeting.

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Management and Reporting

Manage your users, endpoints, meetings, settings all from a single interface. Set up custom layouts and track your system performance in real time.

Conference Bridge Services

Full Control, Unmatched Possibilities

When you want full control over your communications, you choose TrueConf. It is a software-based self-hosted video conferencing bridge with all the benefits of the cloud, but entirely under your control.

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Bridging the Gaps

Modern companies and offices are using different video conferencing platforms for their business. TrueConf bridges the gaps between these platforms. We connect standards-based endpoints from vendors such as Cisco, Poly, Avaya and many others with Zoom, Bluejeans and GoToMeeting video collaboration services, audio conferencing and telephony solutions.

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Meeting controls

In a meeting, you can manage participants thanks to advanced host controls. Enable or disable cameras and microphones, lock focus on a specific participant, or determine whose video to display during the meeting.

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Affordable infrastructure

Thanks to NUMA architecture support, TrueConf MCU supports video conferences for up to 150 participants. The system runs both in popular virtualization environments and any Linux distros with Intel or AMD CPU.

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Maximum number of active connections


Up to 150

Maximum number of simultaneously running conferences



Meeting time limit

45 minutes


Internet connection


Not required

“TrueConf MCU Free” watermark above the video

Multipoint video conferences for H.323/SIP endpoints

Global and individual video layouts

Recording, scheduling and conference management tools

Real-time monitoring & analytics

Cascading conferences to external servers

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How does TrueConf MCU compare to the products from other vendors?

TrueConf MCU is easy to use and administrate, provides a free version and offers built-in tools for streaming. Additionally, it supports hardware transcoding acceleration to increase MCU capacity.

What operating systems does TrueConf MCU support?

TrueConf MCU can be installed on Linux-based operating systems (Debian-family distributions, 64-bit).

What features are available in the full version of TrueConf MCU?

To learn about the features available in the full version of TrueConf MCU, please check this article in our blog.

Can I activate TrueConf MCU Free without Internet connection?

No, offline operation is only available to the customers who acquired the full version of TrueConf MCU. If you would like to get a trial version of TrueConf MCU that would operate offline without Internet connection, please contact our sales team.

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