Scalable SVC Architecture

TrueConf Server is a system for video conferencing within the local network and over the Internet. A customer may control its of the server by implementing it into the infrastructure of the company. The server is supplied with client applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iPad, iPhone and web browsers (WebRTC).

TrueConf Server System Components

TrueConf video conferencing system consists of the server and the client part.

The server part. TrueConf Server - this is software that is secured by a centralized point of control and commutation of video conferencing within the company. TrueConf Server works fine in closed networks (LAN/VPN), even without the Internet connection.

Control over the server is performed your system administrator. The server part of the TrueConf system must be installed on a dedicated or virtual computer that runs on Windows Server 2008 and is connected to the corporate network.

Client applications. To create or to participate in video conferences, you need to install a client application on your device. Now, users may choose between client applications for devices running on OS Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and WebRTC version for web browsers. You may download a client application for your device on the server's guest page. For meeting rooms and conference halls, we offer the TrueConf Terminal hardware system with touch control panel and the support for PTZ-cameras.

Guest page is, by default, available at, where is your server's IP address.

TrueConf Server Architecture
The Unique Features of TrueConf Server
  • Connection via LAN, VPN;
  • Modern codecs and the SVC technology;
  • Work through a single port (TCP);
  • Overcoming of NAT, Proxy, Firewall;
  • Integration with LDAP and H.323/SIP-equipment;
  • Support of UltraHD 4K video quality;
  • Collaboration tools;
  • User groups and policies (multitenancy);
  • Communication and association of users from other servers into a conference (federation).
Network Capabilities of the Server

The TrueConf Server software for video conferencing within the local network or over the Internet is a safe solution for enterprises with distributed branch offices. High quality of communication provided by:

  • an adaptive jitter buffer, which controls the media stream's level of equability for information to be received evenly and without any delays all the participants of video conference;
  • scalable video coding technology (SVC) support - server adjusts the video stream to comply with the capabilities of the video conferencing participants' endpoints. as a result, each user gets an image adapted for his device: SD, HQ, HD or FullHD quality, thereby avoiding a dependence on a weak equipment or bandwidth capabilities of other participants;
  • the use of STUN/ICE Hole Punching methods - allows a direct connection of two endpoints that are behind NAT, Proxy or Firewall, with no delay in transmission of sound and video;
  • dynamic adjustment of the bit rate - when the bandwidth available reduces during a video conference, a signal delays may occur. Server increases the compression of transmitted data, which allows you to continue a communication in comfort mode and without any delays.

Video Conferencing Architecture.