Server advantages over Zoom

Your conferences will always be securely protected: the server encrypts data according to AES-256, a symmetric encryption standard.

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secure alternative to zoom server

Protecting privacy without impacting quality

TrueConf’s on-premises approach guarantees unrivaled privacy and communications control. Enjoy the industry's best video conferencing experience and meet the safety precautions of your IT department with TrueConf

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Self-Hosted Video Conferencing

Local Infrastructure

IT administrators love TrueConf Server, because it can be installed instantly and deployed in 15 minutes in your company’s network. TrueConf is maintained by your system administrator, and does not depend on Internet connection or low bandwidth. We take care of your existing legacy infrastructure workloads and integration with business processes

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secure alternative zoom app server

100% Security and Data Privacy

Security is in our DNA and built into our system from the ground up.

  • Deploys on-prem or to private cloud for full control of data
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities
  • Protection without compromising on must-have features and smooth, fast experience.
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Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Gain full control over your communications by deploying TrueConf solutions in your enterprise local or virtual network. With TrueConf you can go completely offline and run video sessions without Internet connection.

Scheme of an encrypted video conferencing server

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