TrueConf vs. Zoom

TrueConf offers secure self-hosted alternative to Zoom cloud video conferencing service.

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Here are six reasons to consider TrueConf

Secure video conferencing

Privacy and security

Offline operation, end-to-end encryption and complete control over your communications.

4K video conferencing

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Get your team together and run 4K video conferences with up to 1,000 participants.

100% Adaptable

100% Adaptable

Choose the infrastructure that works for you: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

Collaborate without limits

Collaborate without limits

Collaborate on shared files and documents with group chat, screen sharing, polling and recording.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

From our seamless onboarding process. trainings and live demos, we are with you every step of the way 24/7.

TrueConf interoperability

Total interoperability

TrueConf natively works with the tools you like to enable one click to join from any platform or device.

Locked Notebook

Protecting privacy without impacting quality

While both TrueConf and Zoom provide high quality video conferencing and useful collaboration tools, TrueConf’s on-premises approach guarantees unrivaled privacy and communications control. Enjoy industry’s best video conferencing experience and meet the safety precautions of your IT department with TrueConf.

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4K: The new quality standard for your video meetings

TrueConf provides award-winning 4K video meeting experience — four times the details of Full HD — for free, with no added costs and complex setups.

Zoom currently offers HD resolution only to Pro accounts, and only for point-to-point video calls. Full HD quality is available on request for special use cases.

Simple Guide to 4K Video Conferencing

Native interoperability with conference room systems

TrueConf users can extend a consistent enterprise experience across their conference room systems thanks to native integration with third-party video conferencing endpoints and MCUs via SIP or H.323. With Zoom you can also call or invite SIP/H.323 endpoints to video meetings; however, this option is available only upon purchasing H.323/SIP Room Connector which requires a dedicated PC or virtual machine for each connector in a hybrid deployment scenario. In contrast, you can gather up to 100 endpoints in a group video conference with TrueConf Server and just a regular CPU.

Different deployment scenarios

Different deployment scenarios

Despite Zoom’s a mature video conferencing platform, it largely depends on an Internet connection and third-party security measures, creating vulnerabilities for enterprises adopting the technology. On the contrary, TrueConf offers secure and smart video collaboration platform that operates totally offline in your LAN/VPN. With TrueConf, even external users are free to take full advantage of your on-prem video collaboration platform, while all communications stay entirely under your control.

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Restfull API

Customization at hand

TrueConf offers convenient developer tools to customize TrueConf’s products, embed video conferencing capabilities into third-party systems or create completely new solutions based on TrueConf API & SDK. Whether it’s creating video-enabled contact center or white-labeling mobile apps, TrueConf is the answer to all your enterprise needs.

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The Best Video Conferencing Software in 2021

The Best Video Conferencing Software in 2021

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How does Zoom compare to TrueConf?


Market vision

Software server for use within a corporate network.

Cloud-based video conferencing service.

Deployment type

On-premises, hybrid or cloud.

Cloud or hybrid.

Offline operation



Compatibility with H.323/SIP endpoints

Native integration powered by built-in gateway.

Paid add-on or dedicated virtual machine for the gateway required.

Dial out and telephony

Capability to connect to corporate or cloud PBXes to reach phones and VoIP devices and invite them into conferences.


Skype for Business integration


Possible to join conferences in the cloud only from Skype for Business.

Integration with CCTV systems

Capability to call and add any RTSP sources to conferences, eg. IP-cameras.


Meeting room experience

Meeting room solution availability

Available for free and doesn’t require a separate license.

$49/month subscription fee per room, requires a separate license.

Control via smartphone


Authentication, authorization, and security

PIN, user password or unprotected login.

Password or unprotected login.

Automatic speaker tracking


Multiple PTZ cameras control for discussion system


Quality and user experience

4K (UltraHD) video support

Capability to run 4K video calls and conferences.


Unlimited layouts

A user independently selects a layout in a real time. Not just for a conference but for every participant and for every spot on the layout.

Users are free to build custom video layouts or pick one of the available options.

Two video layout options: active speaker and gallery view.

Creating video meetings on the fly

Inviting user group into the conference in one click.


Pricing and maintenance


Licensed based on the maximum number of online users.

Licensed based on the number of users who can schedule conferences.

Number of users in a free version

12 users/hosts for symmetric meetings and collaboration.

Web conferencing with 1 host, up to 100 participants, no more than 40 minutes.

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Customers who’ve happily switched to TrueConf

Department of Justice and Home Affairs

Department of Justice and Home Affairs


TrueConf is very easy to install and configure according to the needs of our organization. Seamless integration with Active Directory groups has also been a great asset for us.

Giovanni Minasi, IT System Engineer

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