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TrueConf MCU 1.3

24.05.2021 (version 1.3)


  • Ability to remove participant’s self-views from automatically generated layouts.
  • Overlay layout: a full-screen video window with multiple thumbnail windows laying on top of it.
  • Dedicated layouts for recording and streaming (may be activated when a participant starts sharing content).
  • You can now select a window where participants can be ‘shuffled’ or alternated at a fixed time interval which can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Multiple video scaling options (with or without cropping) to improve MCU performance when rendering the layout.
  • Participants can now be divided into presenters (able to share video) and attendees (able to receive audio only).
  • Noize reduction and automatic gain control (AGC) can be adjusted for each conference participant individually.
  • Conference participants are automatically removed from the video layout if they turn off their camera.
  • Uploading and streaming .mkv and .mp4 video files (can be streamed in a separate content window if needed).
  • Uploaded media files can now be previewed right in the control panel.
  • VNC streaming without capture cards.
  • Custom avatars set for address book contacts may be displayed in the layouts with a fixed number of video windows if users disable their cameras or leave the conference.
  • Ability to edit user display name styles by changing their font, size, color, background and position in the video window.
  • When participants are moved from one conference to another on the fly, the administrator can mute their microphones, turn off their cameras, and disable incoming conference audio for them.
  • Sending DTMF commands to conference participants available in the video preview widget.
  • Custom call settings (audio/video codecs and bitrate) may be set right in the address book.
  • Automatic generation of conference PINs (that can be regenerated if necessary).
  • Offline user statuses will be indicated either as “left the conference” or “removed by the administrator” in the list of disconnected participants.
  • System information widget displaying data about CPU and network load, the total number of participants and ongoing conferences.
  • Drop-down list with options for restarting TrueConf MCU and OS or shutting down the server where TrueConf MCU is running on.
  • Ability to lock conference from new TrueConf MCU participants (they can be added only by the administrator if necessary).


  • Maximum bitrate raised to 8 Mbps.

TrueConf MCU 1.2

14.10.2020 (version 1.2)


  • Video layout with one or several windows specifically reserved for active speakers.
  • 6 new video layouts.
  • Different video layout skins.
  • Content technical details (video resolution and frame rate) displayed below the name of the participant who is sharing the content.
  • Managing multiple participants at a time: you can mute/unmute their microphones, turn their camera on/off and enable/disable conference audio and video.
  • Bulk actions over a group of address book contacts.
  • Real-time conference management.
  • Ability to disable audio and video streams from all participants when they join the meeting.
  • A number of settings for TCP/UDP ports, NAT traversal (including ICE protocol) and public IP addresses.
  • TrueConf MCU can now be updated right from its control panel.
  • Remote TrueConf MCU power management via the control panel (the administrator can restart TrueConf MCU or OS and shut down the server where TrueConf MCU is running).


  • “Conferences” and “Monitoring” sections were merged into a single section to improve the meeting management interface.
  • Conference scheduler has been improved and now supports recurring conferences with a daily, weekly, monthly and custom schedule.
  • Participant names are now displayed in the video windows when an active meeting layout is being edited.
  • Each video window type is distinguished by its color for more convenient layout editing and better user experience.
  • Users from the list of disconnected participants can now be added to the address book.
  • Participant’s self-view is now automatically removed from the individual video layout.