Video Conferencing Reseller Program

We look for integrators, IP telephony and Internet providers and everyone actively involved in corporate IT. If you are in search for software based video conferencing solutions to supply in your region — we are ready to make you our partner! Just send us a request by filling out the form below.
Dmitry Odintsov, Chief Executive Officer
D. Odintsov

Want to sell state of the art video conferencing products and services? It's easy, just become our partner! Resell video conferencing solutions based on TrueConf Server. Create your own VC room systems with TrueConf Room. Host and provide Vaas services with TrueConf Enterprise. Extend your customers' collaboration solutions to desktops and mobiles. Create extra margin with 3rd party AV equipment and support plans.

What Do We Offer?

Sales Protection
Tech Support
  • We protect all the deals сredited to your account.
  • We provide technical support and assign a personal manager to you.
  • We are open for complex deals and custom projects.
  • You will get Not-For-Resale TrueConf software licenses for your own needs and demonstration purposes.
  • We'll help you with marketing materials and ideas.
  • If we haven't localized our solutions to your language yet, we'll fix it shortly.

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