How to Configure TrueConf Directory

Alexander Galvita
December 30, 2013
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf Directory solution makes it possible:

  • To add the users of other TrueConf Servers to your Address Book manually and to change their user information;
  • To make calls directly from the search tool, without adding the user to the Address Book;
  • To send instant messages (Chat) to that users;
  • To create group conferences and to invite users from other servers.

In order to allow TrueConf Server users who are in a single address space – TrueConf Directory call each other in a conference mode, Federation feature should be enabled. Otherwise the connection between the servers can not be established.
Learn more about Federation connection and settings ->

How to Install TrueConf Directory

Step 1: Get TrueConf Directory installation package

In order to get TrueConf Directory installation package, you should contact TrueConf Sales Department by phone 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263) or by e-mail
After you’ve got the installation package, you should activate it on your PC. To do this, click TrueConf Directory icon.

Step 2: Install TrueConf Directory on your PC

Follow the instructions:

Installing TrueConf Directory

How to Add Servers to Directory

Launch Directory. The following window will open (only one TrueConf Server will be shown in the list of available servers):

TrueConf Directory Interface

Item value in Directory window

Item Value
External Web URL External address
Alias Server name. You may choose any nickname
URL TrueConf server address
Status The possible status of server, connected to TrueConf Directory:

  • “Connected” – the server is connected.
  • “Not available in your license” – the connected TrueConf Server does not have an appropriate license.
  • “Incorrect request” – wrong Security Code for TrueConf Server is indicated.
  • “Wrong server address” – the indicated server does not support TrueConf Directory API.
  • “Connection to server failed” – there is no connection with the chosen TrueConf Server.
Actions Editing server information and deleting server from Directory list:

  • Edit.
  • Delete.
Add new server Add one more server to the Directory list

In order for the users to be able to add users of other servers using search tool within TrueConf Enterprise, the administrator should add all the servers in TrueConf Enterprise federation to the TrueConf Directory list. To do this, click “Add new server” button and fill in all the fields in the opened window:

Enter your server’s URL*, Security Code* and its name (Alias).

* You can find the Security Code in “Security” tab of Web Manager.

After you’ve entered all the information, save it by clicking the “Savе” button. A new server will appear in the list of available servers right after saving.
To refresh the status of servers, click Refresh Servers Status icon.

How to Find a User in TrueConf Client?

In order to find the user from a different server, you will need to launch and login to TrueConf Client application and click the “User Search” icon. It will open a list of users from all the servers connected to TrueConf Enterprise:


The user’s status will be displayed to the left of his/her name: red if the user is not available and green if online. You can add the user to your Address Book using the Adding a User to the Address Book icon to the right of the name. When the user will appear in your contact list, you can make calls, write a message or invite him/her to a group conference. However, it is not necessary to add user to the Address Book to make a call. You can make a call directly from the search window by double left mouse click on the user’s name.

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