How to Configure TrueConf Directory

Alexander Galvita
March 14, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf Directory allows merging multiple TrueConf Server instances into a single address space. This enables users of one server to search for users of other independent servers, view their information, and add them to the address book.

It is however mandatory to enable “Federation” option to allow users of different servers in the same address space to communicate with each other during video calls and group video conferences and exchange instant messages in chat.

Step 1: Get and Install TrueConf Directory Distributive

To get TrueConf Directory distributive, please contact TrueConf sales team.

Once you’ve been granted the distributive, install it on your PC. To install, click on the icon TrueConf Directory and follow the prompts:

Installing TrueConf Directory

Step 2: Log in to TrueConf Directory

Once installed, run TrueConf Directory and open web interface with a login page. Here you need to enter username and password matching administrator account data (if the account password is not set, please set it). Then click Log In.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 1

Step 3: Add Servers to TrueConf Directory

Once logged in, you will see Servers page. Here is a list of servers connected to TrueConf Directory. To add a new server, click Actions > Add A Server.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 2

Please note that a server being connected should have a TrueConf Directory license activated. To check your license, proceed to Summary in the control panel (Extensions section).

Enter your integration key in this field.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 3

An integration key is a set of characters that contains encrypted information to search and connect servers in TrueConf Directory. You can get your key from TrueConf Server administrator by going to Manage add-ons > TrueConf Directory in the control panel.

Once entered, TrueConf Directory service will check your key. If checking has been successful, a page with server information opens. Here you can add an alias to a server by which it can be identified when calling its users. Click Confirm.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 4

On Servers page, server status will change to Sync pending, meaning that a server has been found and connected, but it is not synchronized with the others, as it waits for the corresponding command from TrueConf Directory administrator.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 5To start synchronization, click Servers > Actions > Sync Servers. The synchronization time depends on the number of servers and their speed. Click Continue on Synchronization page.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 6

To successfully synchronize a server in TrueConf Directory, check if:

  1. The server to be added is available via HTTPS. Check out our blog for more info about connection via HTTPS and security certificate configuration.
  2. External address of your server web page (Web > Settings of TrueConf Server control panel) uses HTTPS. In this case, a green lock is displayed next to the address.

Once synchronized, an added server status will be changed to Synchronized.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 7

If you face any problems when synchronizing, Sync Error status appears next to the server.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 8

Step 4: Manage SSL Certificates in TrueConf Directory

TrueConf Directory allows you to manage SSL server certificates, in particular:

  •        Create and delete self-signed certificates for a list of servers that are using them. The number of such certificates is not limited.
  •        View basic parameters of certificates if they have been uploaded.
  •        Create Certificate Signing Requests (CSR). This feature will be useful for obtaining certificates from third-party vendors.

These functions are available on Certificates page.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 9

Step 5: Manage TrueConf Directory Server service

In Service web interface section you can stop or restart TrueConf Directory Server service and:

  • View its information.
  • Configure HTTP port.
  • Enable HTTP protocol extension to support encryption that increases security.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 10
Feel free to consult our technical support service if you have any questions related to troubleshooting synchronization errors and using TrueConf Directory functions.

Step 6. How to view global user list in TrueConf application

After syncing servers via TrueConf Directory you can view global user list. To do it, open address book in TrueConf application and press How to Configure TrueConf Directory 11  button.

How to Configure TrueConf Directory 12

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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