Bandwidth Requirements For Video Conferencing

It's very important to understand bandwidth requirements for video conferencing. Your bandwidth is shared between incoming and outgoing connections, which in turn may differ significantly from each other.

In the following calculations we have indicated the maximum value of incoming/outgoing streams. However during a video conference based on TrueConf solutions a Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is used and server can adaptively adjust a stream rate according to variable network conditions.

Video Conferencing Server for Private Networks

Video Conferencing Server

TrueConf Server guarantees security and reliability of corporate communication. It's easy to deploy and integrate with LDAP, PBX, SIP. Read more

Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud video conferencing service TrueConf Online offers most of TrueConf Server features without having to install a dedicated server. Read more

Choose group conference parameters to calculate channels' capacity:

Video Call HD

Video Call HD is a great way to communicate with a person face-to-face using the newest communicational advancements.

Bandwidth required, KbpsServerClient

WebRTC Video Conferences

WebRTC Video Conferences allows to organize broadcasting through web browser for up to 100 participants. There are additional requirements to the communication channel for connecting such participants.

Bandwidth required, MbpsServerBrowser
10 participants570.70.5
50 participants25350.70.5


  1. For maximum productivity we recommend to have the communication channel with 50% extra capacity.