Why Do You Need UDP Multicast in Video Conferences

Alina Krukova
April 27, 2016
Alina Krukova

Step 1. Creating a conference

UDP Multicast mode is used to reduce network server interface load and can only be applied to role-based conferences where there are up to 250 participants. Streaming in this mode is only available in TrueConf Server full version.

Go to the Group Conferences tab of control panel and choose Create > Private conference:

Step 2. Activating UDP Multicast mode in conferences

Select role-based video conferencing mode. Open additional settings:

Mark the Use UDP Multicast in conference checkbox. The Multicast address field will become active:

By default this field is pre-filled with adress, you’ve to enter address specific to your network environment. Please consult your network engineer for details.

The following activities are not available during UDP Multicast conference:

  • Conference recording at server’s side.
  • Connection of WebRTC participants.
  • Conference streaming via RTSP protocol.

What happens when UDP Multicast is activated?

When you enable UDP Multicast for virtual meeting in TrueConf Server control panel the video streams will be transmitted directly from speakers client applications to listeners client applications bypassing the server.

It is achieved by UDP Multicast mechanism the support for which is implemented in many network routers. The essence of this mechanism is that the listeners “subscribe” to video streams of speakers and TrueConf Server just manages this process without passing media traffic.