How to Register TrueConf Server on the External H.323 Gatekeeper

Alina Krukova
December 13, 2014
Alina Krukova

We have recently announced support for H.323 in TrueConf Server 4.3.0. Now, as the result of the fact that this feature is available only in beta version, we cannot provide Administrator’s Guide to it. Therefore, we have decided to share the instructions here to get feedback from our readers.

TrueConf 4.3.0 supports H.323 protocol only in beta version that runs reliably with some Polycom terminals. We would like to make our product even better. To do this, we ask you to take part in testing of H.323 gateway on your equipment and provide us with your feedback on compatibilty with your H.323 terminal. You can do it by means of TrueConf Server Free. Please use our ticketing system form and download our free server.

These instructions will help you with registering TrueConf Server on the external H.323 gatekeeper.

Step 1: Open the tab “H.323 Gateway” in the Web Manager

H.323 Gateway tab - TrueConf Web Manager

Settings on this page are designed to register the TrueConf server on the external H.323 gatekeeper.

After registered successfully, TrueConf users are able make calls to terminals registered on this gatekeeper with the following dialing format: #h323:terminal_id, where “terminal_id” is the terminal identifier you are calling to. #h323:terminal_id is identical to #h323:h323-id (e.g. #h323:ivan) or #h323:\e\e164 (e.g. #h323:\e\202).

There are two types of terminal_id:

  1. H.323-ID – alphanumeric identifier (for instance, dial #h323:user1 to call the subscriber user1).
  2. DialedDigits (E.164) – identifier comprised mainly of numbers and some characters (for instance,
    dial #h323:\e\041412 to call the subscriber 041412). Please note that the characters \e\ are mandatory when using Dialed Digits (E.164). Thus, if you dial #h323:041412, H323-ID will be used instead of DialedDigits (E.164) and the call can be addressed to other subscriber.

After registering the server on the external gatekeeper, terminals registered on this gatekeeper can be used to make calls to the client application TrueConf (see the section “Default Call Destination”).

Step 2: Section “H.323 Gatekeeper”

This section contains data for registering TrueConf Server on the external gatekeeper. Fill in the form:

H.323 Gatekeeper

  • Server – enter the address of the H.323 gatekeeper. You can use either a domain name (e.g. or IP address (e.g.
  • h323-ID – enter h323-ID (random alphanumeric identifier) under which the server TrueConf will be registered on the external gatekeeper. For instance, h323-ID might be this way: #h323:user01. H.323 terminals can call this number to reach TrueConf Server using gatekeeper.

  • DialedDigits (E.164) – you need to enter DialedDigits (E.164), under which TrueConf Server will be registered on the external gatekeeper. DialedDigits (E.164) is an identifier consists of numbers and special characters, «,#*». After registration, other terminals will be able to make calls to the client application TrueConf using this identifier.
  • It is not necessary to indicate h323-ID and DialedDigits (E.164) simultaneously. To register a server on the H.323-gatekeeper you only have to enter one of them.

  • Password – enter the password received from the administrator to register the TrueConf server on gaterkeeper. If you leave this field empty, the registration without a password will be used.
  • Register – the switch can be used to temporarily disable the server registration on the gatekeeper.
  • After making changes to this section, click “Save” to commit the changes. It is necessarily to restart is the server.

    Step 3: Section “Network settings”

    Network settings

    This section contains TrueConf Server settings necessary for work in the Gatekeeper mode. In this mode third-party H.323 endpoints can be registered on the server under the user account of TrueConf Client application. Thus, a user may log in to a server using either TrueConf Client or any H.323 endpoint with a support for password-based registration. By default if ‘Use all IP addresses’ is selected, TrueConf Server will use all accessible connections by default (server’s IP addresses + port 1719). Do not change this section without necessity. If you need to change IP addresses or ports to access TrueConf Server (e.g. to deny access from a particular IP, or if port 1719 is blocked by Firewall and you need another port) uncheck ‘Use all IP addresses’. In this case, three buttons will be activated: Add, Reset, and Apply. Using the Add button you can set an additional access point (you should input an IP address for the access in the drop-down window (in the Host field), port, and protocall (TCP or UDP)). By clicking any access point in the list, a similar editing window will open. If you click the Reset button, all changes will be reverted to the previous saved state.

    Step 4: Section “Default Call Destination”

    As explained above, after registered the TrueConf server on the external gatekeeper, you can make calls to the server using its registration data (h323-id and/or Dialed Digits (E.164)). This section is used to determine the recipient of these numbers.

    H.323 Gateway - Default Call Destination

    Enter the TrueConf ID or Conference ID (CID) of the recipient in the input field and press “Apply”.

    If left empty, calls to the client application of the TrueConf server will be rejected.

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